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technology training program

We identify, train and support young Ghanaians in technology entrepreneurship and innovation.

training & Mentorship

We provide a fully sponsored technological training program. Training will occur in modules and will take the form of coursework supplemented with guest lectures and bootcamps with each module running independently. Modules will target 2 segments of the youth

Informal: Youth with up to Junior High School Education.

Formal: Youth with a minimum of Senior High School Education.


As part of the programme, the Authority wishes to further add value to the Nation’s Development by setting up a body of resources to provide critical technological services to public sector institutions.

Excelling students will be taken from each graduating class and enrolled in a 1 year programme. During the course of the programme, participants will be employed as part of a team lead by experienced engineers to build and deliver products identified to be critical to enhancing business processes and improving public interfacing.

After the programme, participants will be assigned to partner companies to work full-time in their teams.

About this training

The World is increasingly becoming a digital community or village where now almost all transactions can be done or are done digitally. The influence of the digital world has cut up with almost every sphere of human activity. In the field of photography the world was moved from paper film to digital cameras.Artificial intelligence has made computer to become exponentially better in understanding the world.

Uber was just a software but now hosts the largest transport business in the world. Facebook now has pattern recognition software that can recognize faces better than human. In 2018 the first self-driving cars will appear for the public. There is therefore the overwhelming demand and imperative for Ghana to take its rightful place in the world’s technologically savvy community.

According to the 2016 Annual Ghana Social Media Report, 7,958,675 of the population can be found online ranking the country 47th highest internet user. The report stated that the average Ghanaian spent not less than 3hours 30minutes browsing the internet on his/her phone. The Youth therefore as the majority of the working population and as the majority unemployed needed to be equipped to take advantage of the huge space and employment opportunities that knowledge in information technology and its various platforms and applications offer.

Course Content

Participants will start off with an ideation seminar to prime and align their minds with the objectives of the course.

Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship including but not limited to Social media has made great strides into becoming monetization tools for businesses and entrepreneurial individuals. This course gives trainees a dive into the world of digital marketing, a look into the major social media platforms, teaching trainees how to effectively utilize the tools and opportunities afforded by these platforms and new media as a whole.

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing industries, in demand from brands, businesses and public agencies of all sizes. Becoming a digital marketer or consultant is a career path that can let trainees build their own schedule and be their own bosses. This course will help them;

The course will entail the following.
  • Introduction to marketing
  • Understanding media: Traditional media Vs New Media (Digital marketing and social media)
  • The world of internet and digital marketing
  • Social Media platforms: Features and characteristics
  • Content creation and managing your Social Media Platforms
  • Google; the full feature
  • Websites, SEO and SEM
  • Advertising creation and optimization on digital
  • Digital career opportunities and monetization
  • Pitching 101 and proposal writing
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The minimum entry requirement is a Junior High School certificate or higher. Knowledge in technology software is a plus but not necessarily a requirement to get into the program. The opportunity is open to every young Ghanaian with a passion to develop skills in technology entrepreneurship and engage in paying projects. Age Range: 18 - 35 years. Educational Level: SHS - Degree
Deep passion & Interest for entrepreneurship, technology, design, mobile development. Must have stamina, drive & passion to succeed.

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